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Email Platform – Ideal for Dynamic Constituent Messaging

Use our JangoMail® feature-rich email platform!

We lead the permission-based email marketing industry, offering services for transactional and permissible purpose emails. Over 200,000 organizations on six continents use JangoMail®, and its transactional email service, to stay in touch with their subscribers.

Ideal For:

  • Higher Education
    – Academic departments can set up their own sub accounts to communicate with staff and students.
    – Athletic Department can promote events – Alumni offices can stay networked
    – Opt-outs are specific to subscriber lists
  • Non-Profit Issue Advocacy
    – Newsletters
    – Invitations to donor events
  • Membership Associations
    – Use sub-accounts for segments and groups
  • Government Agencies
    – Federal, State and Local agencies use this platform as a cost efficient solution for internal and external email communications

Feature and Benefits

  • Highly Customizable / Dynamic Delivery
  • Pay only for Volume, not users
  • Web Hooks for transactional emails
  • Advance Scheduling
  • Recurring emails and auto responds
  • Master / Sub Account management for flexible control
  • Tracking and Reporting

CASE STUDY: Colleges and Universities Love Our Agency Account Features

We found that most of the colleges and universities using JangoMail® love our agency account setup. We tailor each account to the specific needs of the organization. A typical agency account has one master account with a number of subaccounts. Billing can be done on one invoice, or each subaccount can be billed separately. The subaccount feature allows each department within the organization to operate autonomously, while the organization retains the benefits of only using one email service provider.

JangoMail® is Priced for Higher Ed

JangoMail® also offers very competitive pricing options that appeal to higher ed. Pricing is straightforward at JangoMail® and there aren’t any hidden charges. JangoMail® does not charge based on number of platform users, only the number of emails sent. This provides significant cost savings for colleges and universities that depend on email communication wide and deep within the institution.

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