Data Quality is a top priority for our compilation team. DatabaseUSA® uses a proprietary compilation method that allows us to “Triple Verify” a business listing. In addition DatabaseUSA® makes over 2 million phone calls per month to verify, update, and enhance each business entity. DatabaseUSA® does web compilation on the company site as well as other directory sites.

To further enhance the quality of our business data, DatabaseUSA® compiles information from thousands of sources. This allows us to have comprehensive coverage not only of the businesses themselves but also of the data fields associated with each business record. Here is a sample of the some of the sources we use to compile our business data.

  • Yellow Page Directories ‐ National Change of Address
  • Business White Page Directories ‐ Utility Connects and Disconnects
  • Government New Business Filings ‐ Secretary of State Filings
  • Corporate Directories ‐ Web Directories
  • Corporate Websites ‐ Professional Licenses
  • SEC Annual Reports and Events ‐ Telephone Surveys
  • News and Press Releases ‐ Self Reported Information
  • Association Directories ‐ Attendee Lists at trade shows
  • Many Other Public Sources

Our customers expect a high degree of accuracy when using our information. Our monthly updates include telephone verification, web mining and NCOA, (National Change of Address).

220 Million U.S. Residents

DatabaseUSA® 220 million residential listings are compiled from data sources including:

  • National directory assistance data
  • Real estate deed and tax information

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    Business Databases – to help you achieve your agencies mission!

    Data Quality DatabaseUSAGovWe have the nest Business Databases in the country

    With a universe of 14 million businesses and 24 million executives, you now have the most comprehensive business information available. DatabaseUSA® is well recognized for its wide range of job titles –over 200 are available. The fact is that well-sourced, intelligently selected business lists and demographically rich databases are the most powerful tools for selling products and services in today’s complex business environment. Reaching the right person with the right message is everything. DatabaseUSA® can do just that for you.

    Our database is multi-sourced using yellow pages and business white pages, along with annual reports, government data, business directories, corporate and executive registers and public records. In order to ensure accuracy, the file is then put through a telephone verification process to update and obtain additional information such as employee size, key contact name and primary SIC code. Call us at 402.939.3808 and we will help you customize a list each time you have a project that requires comprehensive and accurate information!

    Selections include:

    • Employee Size
    • Sales Volume
    • Email Address
    • Telephone Numbers – Fax Numbers
    • SIC Code – Franchise
    • Gender
    • Headquarters/Branch – Import/Export
    • Job Titles
    • Minority Classification – Year Established
    • Plus many more!

    Most Comprehensive Residential Database

    Over 220 Million Records

    Let us help you identify the segments you need to study or reach.

    Creating a custom consumer data set is not as hard as it may seem. Please call us at 402.939.3808 and we will do a needs assessment and make sure you get the exact data you need for your project.

    Select from our database by geography, income, purchasing behavior and more. Email addresses and phone numbers are available.

    Popular Consumer Selects

    • Income
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Credit Data
    • Occupation
    • Marital Status – Pet Owners
    • Ethnicity
    • Level of Education
    • New Movers
    • Homeowner vs. Renter – Ailment & Illness
    • Presence of Children
    • and more

    Interests and Behaviors

    Target prospects who have expressed an interest in:
    • Health & Fitness – Religion
    • Do-it-yourself
    • Cultural Lifestyle – Donors
    • Travel
    • Higher Education
    • Sports
    • Environment
    • Opportunity Seekers – Personal Finance
    • Environment
    • Online Shopping
    • and more

    Data Quality of Consumer Database

    Select Your Data…you can get your information TODAY. Call now!

    DatabaseUSA® can help you nd just the right information.

    Our experts will guide you every step of the way. See below for some of the selects available.

    Find New Businesses – Over 25,000 Added Per Week

    Available weekly or monthly for all ZIP Codes and any city.

    Our Data Can Help Government Agencies Verify That New Businesses Are:

    • Licensed properly
    • Follow codes
    • Pay taxes
    • Investigate legitimacy

    Most Accurate New Business Data Available!

    We have the freshest and most accurate new business information available on the market today! We receive new listings daily; telephone verify the data and then load into our database.

    Select by:

    • Type of Business: SIC Code or Yellow Page heading
    • Employee size
    • President or owner (where available)
    • Full address
    • Geographic Area: state, county, city/MSA, ZIP Code or area code
    • Home or commercial based
      …or any combination of selections to target exactly the right prospects

    Our Information Can Help Communities Map Their Economic Development

    Discovering new economic opportunities is vital to the fiscal health of communities. And since all of our data is geo-coded for immediate GIS mapping, government organizations can use it to identify key points of interest for economic development.

    How We Compile Our Data

    DatabaseUSA® is a leading compiler of comprehensive information on businesses and consumers in the United States. These databases are frequently used for a multitude of projects including Direct Marketing, Skip Tracing, ID Validation, Local Search, Business Intelligence and Analytics services. These databases are widely regarded as being of the highest quality available with exceptional coverage. DatabaseUSA® has an extensive list of databases that it compiles and all of these can be made available through our API, file and web services platforms. Here is a brief list of some of the types of databases that we compile: