Customer List Validation & Enhancement

Find more prospects that match the profile of your existing customers and add these new prospects to your CRM system. Enhancing your customer file with demographics, psychographics, and firmographics helps you develop your targeting criteria to expand your market.

Sales Territory Planning

Once you discover where ideal prospects are you can do better sales territory planning and give every rep a greater shot at success. Plan sales territories based on geography, firmographics and give sales reps the intelligence to engage with detailed contact profiles, demographics, etc.

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Instant Verification & Enhancement

Enhance web forms with postal and demographic data for better lead segmentation

DatabaseUSA’s Instant Verification & Enhancement service boosts the results of your web forms and provides the information you need to effectively react to new submissions.

Validate, Enhance, and Score you new leads

Keeping your customer list clean and accurate allows you to promptly connect with new leads. Enriching your list with consumer data helps you create a more personalized experience for leads.

Faster Sales through Instant Registrant Intelligence

Real-time sales intelligence from multiple sources helps your marketing team guide sales reps to ideal prospects. Demographic enhancements arm your reps with insights into what matters to them.

Data Enhancement Services

  • 5,000 Record FREE MATCHING
  • Customer List Validation & Enhancement: Find more prospects that match your existing customers.
  • Instant Verification & Enhancement: Enhance web-forms with postal and demographic data for better lead segmentation.
  • De-Duplication: Failing to eliminate duplicates from your mailings can be costly.
  • Postal Qualification: Postal Qualification helps save money and reduced returned mail.
  • Postal Append: Enhance your Marketing List with Postal Addresses to start marketing to them via direct mail.
  • Phone Append & Reverse Append: has the highest quality data and the highest match rates – typically over 60% for B2B.
  • Append: Add Addresses to Your Customer Database & Prospect Databases.
  • Email Reverse Append & Enhancement: Match Names and Addresses to 35-50% of Your Email List.

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