Custom Surveys is the only company that calls every business to verify the accuracy of the data on over 16 Million Businesses in our database. We make over 22 Million phone calls per year. Now we can offer this custom telephone survey options to your business by adding your particular question or questions to the each call we make. Do you need exceptional business accuracy in a specific geographic region or industry line? We can perform special data verification projects to give you the results you need.

Closed-end telephone surveys can serve to identify high-value sales targets, or to get feedback on concepts or ideas. The research team uses 100% U.S. based with native English speakers with no international call lag pauses or language difficulties. Because our calls are short information gathering calls with no sales components, we have a high call acceptance rate.

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How Can A Custom Telephone Surveys Benefit You?

Our call team can provide the specialized business information you need. From information about technology platforms, to interest in special services, or even custom verification, we can meet your needs.

Some ideas include:

  • High precision verification of business data
  • Lead vetting
  • Pilot-testing a marketing research questionnaire
  • Feedback on potential product ideas has conducted telephone verification surveys in such diverse industries as health care, industrial manufacturing, financial services, technology, education, and public policymaking to make our own database better and more accurate. We know how to gather data, and now we’re making our services available to help you gather specific market intelligence information as well.

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