Economic Development

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What makes a successful shopping center?

Select areas to examine on a map and find businesses or consumers in a selected region.

Graph the results. How many and what type of businesses? Or what is the income distribution of the neighborhood? And look at the income distribution in the surrounding community.

Compare your city to similar size cities.

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Regional Planning

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Use the vast business information supplied by DatabaseUSAgov when studying economic development areas throughout the United States. What is in the make-up of one city that provides it a more stable economic backbone as compared to other.

Does the desired economic balance for an area require specific industries? Compare and contrast similar areas throughout the United States and dig down into the detailed business information to help determine. Analyze information to how much revenue or number of employees is really required for that business in that industry for that area?

Law Enforcement

city data

Uncover Hidden Relationships and Locate People of Interest! Once you identify your subject, we show you their relatives, neighbors, associates and common residents. Because relationships are often vital to solving a case, you may need to dig deeper and find 3rd and 4th degree connections to your suspect. LP Police provides all the pieces you need to find who you are looking for.

Emergency Preparedness or Recovery

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Draw a shape based on your area of concern when you need to notify residents of impending flooding in their area.

Instantly view the latest residential data on your screen for immediate notifications.

Download the detailed contact information to your Emergency or Mass Notification Systems and utilize the latest information for better contact rates and results.

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The banking industry requires a lot of oversight throughout the United States. DatabaseUSAgov solutions provides point and click ease when targeting industries for rule change notifications.

As a federal agency you need the latest contact information along with corporate linkage when notifying the business and its branches or subsidiaries of those changes.

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Tax and Revenue


Manage Email Notifications

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Colleges and Universities Love Our Agency Account Features

We found that most of the colleges and universities using JangoMail® love our agency account setup. We tailor each account to the specific needs of the organization. A typical agency account has one master account with a number of sub accounts. Billing can be done on one invoice, or each sub account can be billed separately. The sub account feature allows each department within the organization to operate autonomously, while the organization retains the benefits of only using one email service provider.

JangoMail® is Priced for Higher Ed. JangoMail® also offers very competitive pricing options that appeal to higher ed. Pricing is straightforward at JangoMail® and there aren’t any hidden charges. JangoMail® does not charge based on number of platform users, only the number of emails sent. This provides significant cost savings for colleges and universities that depend on email communication wide and deep within the institution.

Targeted Post Card Mailings

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Agencies need to notify constituents when emergencies occur. When the water supply has been contaminated you need to get the word out. Targeted postcards using DatabaseUSAgov will notify your constituents the day you are are made aware of the emergency!

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Are you falling behind in the poles? Are your constituents not getting the message? It is time to change their mind! Earn their vote with targeted mailings from DatabaseUSAgov.

Grant and Proposal Writing


Fund Raising and Donor database management