DATABASEUSAGOV.COM sources the nation’s most accurate and comprehensive data file of all registered and non-registered voters. We continually acquire and update data from every county in every state. Our files are scrubbed against national databases and we perform NCAA coding and CASS certification.  Learn More…



DATABASEUSAGOV.COM arms your campaign with the nation’s most accurate and robust voter file. DATABASEUSAGOV.COM’s nationwide voter file contains over 166 million regularly updated voter records. Scrubbed against the national change of address (NCOA) database and deceased voters list and include data from:

  • State and county level registered voter files
  • Five national telephone source files
  • Current U.S. Census Data
  • Election return data with results from every county in the U.S.
  • Our own privately-owned lifestyle and issue data

DATABASEUSAGOV.COM’s data compilation and development process is proprietary, involving both human and automated control checks throughout. This meticulous and unparalleled data collection and distribution gives your campaign the power to run more efficiently, waste less money and, most importantly, win your race.

  • National Voter File: Whether you’re running a presidential campaign or a national organization, DATABASEUSAGOV.COM has the comprehensive national level voter file to meet your needs.
  • State Voter File: DATABASEUSAGOV.COM takes state level voter data to the next level. Packages can be augmented with proprietary modeling data depending on the needs of your campaign.
  • District/Local Voter File: Smaller campaigns need high quality data at an affordable price. Even at the local level, DATABASEUSA’s superior value is impossible to beat.

DATABASEUSAGOV.COM has enhanced the core voter data to include lifestyle, issue and survey based data.


Campaigns working to bolster support with voter registration drives can turn to DATABASEUSAGOV.COM for non-registered adults. These records can be selected not only by area but also by demographics. DATABASEUSAGOV.COM utilizes its commercial files to seek out non-registered household data. Once found, the data can be enhanced with district matching, ethnic coding, telephone appending, gender enhancement, census geo-coding and more.


Take your organization’s message beyond mailers and phone calls. Email remains the #1 most trusted method of reaching voters digitally. All of DATABASEUSAGOV.COM’s email databases originate from opt-in sources and all addresses are tested for deliverability, making our product compliant and effective with nationwide coverage.

  • With DATABASEUSAGOV.COM email you can:
  • Attach email addresses to your list of names and addresses.
  • Attach voter and consumer data to an existing list of email addresses.
  • Clean your existing email database to improve deliverability.

Emails sold by DATABASEUSAGOV.COM come from matches we perform to multiple national email databases. Through complex processing our team is able to match those emails back to the DATABASEUSAGOV.COM voter file or a private file. The typical email match rate to selections made from the DATABASEUSAGOV.COM voter file is between 20% and 35%. Match rates against private files you provide to us will vary greatly depending on the age, source and cleanliness of your file.

We also run our emails through multiple verification and cleaning processes including performing an SMTP “handshake” which confirms that the email has been found in the directory for its domain. (For example that a Gmail email address is listed on the Gmail address servers.) Email addresses verified in this industry-standard way should have a delivery rate of 90% or better. We also perform a wide variety of email hygiene processes including weeding out unlikely matches, spam traps and formatting errors.

Commercially-appended email addresses will not be accepted by many of the most well known email deployment firms including Mail Chimp, Constant Contact and others. These firms prohibit the uploading of commercially-acquired email addresses and will reject such files if they show more than a percentage point or two of undeliverable addresses—a standard no commercially-appended email file will ever be able to meet. They limit their services to email deployment of small lists of organically-acquired email addresses sourced from organizational and customer business files. The good news is that there are many email deployment firms that don’t have these limitations and that specialize in commercial deployments. Please contact us for recommendations.


Construct your direct mail list from micro-targeting criteria taking your mailing campaign to new levels of effectiveness. Lists are created in the formats you need to get the job done easily and quickly. Combine DATABASEUSAGOV.COM Voter Data with our award-winning DATABASEUSAGOV.COM VoterMapping to execute flawless direct mail campaigns. DATABASEUSAGOV.COM runs continual NCOA scrubs so accuracy is never in doubt. Bulk pricing and lightning fast turnaround times (instant if you use DATABASEUSAGOV.COM VoterMapping) give you the needed edge to run a winning campaign.


Create organized and targeted canvass walk lists. Print them out for your canvassers, import them into your own platform or use a DATABASEUSAGOV.CO’ partner’s award winning mobile canvass app and record your results automatically.


Running a telephone campaign requires continuously updated, accurate and comprehensive data – available 24/7. DATABASEUSAGOV.COM pulls and scrubs phone data from every major national source. We’re obsessed with quality and it shows in our partner’s VoterMapping tool. Establish an account and pull the exact universe you want, when you need it – at the click of a button – for every voter in the nation.


Send us your member list and we will match against our database and update and/or enhance your list. Now you have a member list on steroids. Increase your retention rates or grow your ranks. You now have the power.


Go beyond direct mail and robo calls. Email is the #1 way to communicate directly with a voter or constituent digitally. Every DATABASEUSAGOV.COM email originates from opt-in sources and all emails are tested for deliverability. DATABASEUSAGOV.COM Email Appending is cost effective and compliant.
Some of our email services include:

  • Email Appends: adding verified email addresses to your list of names and addresses
  • Reverse Email Appends: returning names, addresses, phone numbers and more
  • Email Cleaning: improve the deliverability of your existing email list


DATABASEUSAGOV.COM will take your custom list of names and addresses and match each record to its legislative and political districts (usually in under 24 hours).


DATABASEUSAGOV.COM teamed up with two premier analytics companies to bring best in class supporter analysis and identification to bear with our superior data offering.

  • HaystaqDNA: The inventors of issue based behavioral modeling.


Target your outreach by cable television zone. Maximize paid media ROI with our lightning fast tools.


DATABASEUSAGOV.COM Data and Data Services set the standard for accurate and comprehensive political data sampling. Stratified clustersamples, voter data normalization and proper sample point distribution are all handled with ease. Pull sample sets yourself with DATABASEUSAGOV.COM VoterMapping or have our data services team do it for you with our famously fast turnaround time.


DATABASEUSAGOV.COM HAS PARTNERED WITH THE TEAM THAT PIONEERED PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS. Your organization can use this data to activate potential supporters, donors, volunteers, activists that would otherwise remain untapped. Request a Quote


Each of the issues below will have a score (from 0 to 100) giving you a voter’s likelihood of support for an issue.

  • Affordable Housing
  • Corporate Bailouts
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Casinos
  • Pro-Choice/Pro-Life
  • Church Attendance
  • Pathway to Citizenship
  • Citizens United (Campaign Finance)
  • Civil Liberties
  • Death Penalty
  • Ballot Drop Off
  • Drug Price Controls
  • Voter Fraud
  • Climate Change
  • Renewable Energy
  • Fracking
  • Gun Laws
  • Environmental Regulation
  • Genetically Modified Food
  • Hillary Clinton Supporters
  • Donald Trump Supporters
  • Humanitarian Intervention
  • Hunting and Fishing Amendments
  • Fiscal Conservative/Liberal
  • Social Conservative/Liberal
  • Marijuana Legalization
  • Gay Marriage
  • Mexican Border Wall
  • Military Intervention
  • Minimum Wage Increase
  • Momentum Support for Candidate
  • Muslim Ban
  • Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)
  • Online Gaming
  • Party Strong Democrat/Republican
  • Party Democrat/Republican
  • Presidential Candidate Undecided
  • Party Primary
  • Public Transportation
  • Redistricting
  • Rideshare User
  • Rideshare Encourage
  • Right to Work
  • School Choice
  • Common Core
  • School Funding
  • Supreme Court Confirmation
  • Social Media Usage
  • Social Media Frequency
  • Social Security Income Cap
  • Ticket Splitter
  • Tea Party
  • Tobacco Tax
  • Transgender Bathrooms
  • Likely Kasich Primary Supporter
  • Likely Republican Primary Voter Opposing Trump
  • Trump—Uncomfortable Supporting
  • Trump—Proud to Support
  • Likely Sanders Primary Supporter
  • Likely Clinton Primary Supporter
  • Likely Trump Primary Supporter
  • Likely Cruz Primary Supporter