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Find relatives, neighbors, associates and common residency instantly.
Premier Investigative Database for Law Enforcement & Government Agencies
LP Police® provides Law Enforcement and Government agencies instant real time data, unlimited searches, VIP customer support/ training and constant innovation.
Our comprehensive investigative database is an indispensable tool that allows you to “Connect the Dots” between relationships while accessing current and historical data.

Search by Name or Social Security Number to find:

  • Person of Interest
  • Criminal Records or Civil Records
  • Relatives and Neighbors
  • Common Residency / Roommates
  • Property Ownership
  • Bankruptcy Records
  • Phone Numbers and Cell Numbers where available
  • Address information including up to 30 years of address history
  • Automobile Registration Data (MVR) / Driver’s License Information
  • Business UCC Filings

We Help Make Your Job Safer – “Who’s Behind the Door?”

  • Instantly find current national, local and regional criminal records that may not be available in your RMS.
  • Find out who your suspect’s associates, relatives and neighbors are.

Uncover Hidden Relationships and Locate People of Interest

Once you identify your subject, we show you their relatives, neighbors, associates and common residents. Because relationships are often vital to solving a case, you may need to dig deeper and find 3rd and 4th degree connections to your suspect. LP Police provides all the pieces you need to find who you are looking for.
Industry Leading Phone Data

  • Credit header phone data – Covers 99% of Phones in the U.S.
  • Consumer reported information – 85,000 data contributors

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