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Economic Development

DatabaseUSAgov offer precise information on all U.S. public and private companies with detailed executive contact information and company description profiles. All the information you can use to attract new business.

Economic Development is the perfect tool to research the business and consumer population surrounding areas of interest for economic development. Understand businesses by industry, size, stability, etc and understand consumers by age, income, home value, and family composition. It’s easy to study the data results and create graphs and charts for reports or presentations.”

Economic Development DatbaseUSA Gov

What makes a successful shopping center?

Select areas to examine on a map and find businesses or consumers in a selected region.

Graph the results. How many and what type of businesses? Or what is the income distribution of the neighborhood? And look at the income distribution in the surrounding community.

Compare your city to similar size cities.

databaseusagov economic development

Law Enforcement / Security

LP Police is the premier online-investigative-research database for law enforcement professionals in the industry. We are trusted by over 2,000 law enforcement professionals who rely on our law enforcement software each day. These professionals represent the federal, state and local departments and offices nationwide.

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Emergency Preparedness / Recovery

During times of crisis, state and local government agencies must be able to communicate clearly and effectively. We provide targeted lookup capabilities in effected areas with the most up to date information through our web portal. AtoZdatabases portal allows for a map based search by radius or shape as the need is defined.

Emergency Preparedness or Recovery


Draw a shape based on your area of concern when you need to notify residents of impending flooding in their area.

Instantly view the latest residential data on your screen for immediate notifications.

Download the detailed contact information to your Emergency or Mass Notification Systems and utilize the latest information for better contact rates and results.


Government, Non-Profit & Political Organizations
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Transportation Plans

You need the latest business and residential data to produce the most accurate traffic studies. When looking at either the number of employees surrounding an intersection or determining the ages of the residents in a neighborhood, DatabaseUSAgov has the most recent information in all areas.

Transportation Plans

State and Local Governments need the latest firmographic and demographic data when creating future plans for their communities. A good plan may meld transportation and broader community outcomes, addressing issues such as land use, housing, and economic opportunities. Having the latest information when formulating plans provides greater focus when considering; safety, infrastructure condition, freight movement and congestion reduction. As you can see below our AtoZdatabase product allows for quick look up and download of the latest data for any jurisdiction in the United States. There are also options for downloads of the entire community or even real time data lookups via our API.

transportation plans

When determining traffic flow patterns, you need to know the employee size and type of business that are located near busy intersections. In downtown Little Rock Arkansas for an area of ¾ of a mile surrounding Freeway 630 and S Chester St. there are 2,863 businesses. AtoZdatabases has all GIS and employee size information for all of the areas in the diameter.

accurate traffic studies


Core Competencies:


Custom data sets can be delivered within minutes. Data Installs via flat file / API calls to access data from your application

  • 15 Million Businesses
  • 25 Million Business Executives
  • 25 Million Business Executive Emails
  • 20,000 Weekly New Businesses
  • 220 Million Consumers with demographic selects
  • 22 Million Professional License individuals

Database Subscription Products

  •® is the premier business and people reference/research database with flexibility to select from hundreds of geographic and demographic selections for business and residential data sets. Allows bulk download of records.
  •® is the nation’s leading provider of accurate, in depth investigative and skip tracing data. The LocatePLUS database consists of billions of current historical, cross-referenced public and private records. The latest technology and comprehensive reports save time and money.

Additional Services Include:

  • Data Enhancement Services – append phone numbers, NAICS/SIC codes, email addresses, etc.
  • Merge/Purge – highly accurate matching to remove duplicates within or across files of businesses or residents.
  •® – is a mass email deployment platform that is highly customizable, dynamic delivery, pay only for volume – not users, advance scheduling, tracking and reporting, master/sub accounts, and API access.
  • Investigative Database with real time data – search civil records, criminal records, relatives, neighbors, roommates, business, property and more to connect the dots for people of interest.
  •® is a platform to design print and mail postcards same day.

About DatabaseUSA®

DatabaseUSA® is a small business based in Omaha, Nebraska armed with a team of 300+ years of industry experience and knowledge. DatabaseUSA’s team of 150 employees are dedicated to helping its customers receive the most comprehensive quality data solutions to help each agency achieve its mission.


DatabaseUSA® combines its proprietary business and consumer data with real time data from specialty sources.

  • Triple Verified Data – original source, telephone verification, and web verification to assure accuracy
  • Out of Business Tracking
  • Executive Emails – Verified
  • Full SSN & DOB – LocatePlus
  • Reliable CELL & Landline Searches – LocatePlus
  • Excellent Client Consulting & Support

Company Codes:
511140 – Database & Directory Publishers
519130 – Internet Publishing & Web Search
518210 – Data Processing & Hosting
541860 – Direct Mail Advertising
323111 – Commercial Printing
541613 – Marketing Consulting
519190 – All Other Information Services

FEDLINK # – LC14C7154
DUNS # – 963446914
EIN# – 27-1125991

Past Performance: Environmental Protection Agency, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Federal Bureau of Investigation; US Border Patrol; US Marshalls; US Customs and Border Protection; Department of Justice-US Attorney’s Office; US Department of the Army Police; Drug Enforcement Administration; Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; Department of Analysis (Secret Service); U.S. Department of Defense; U.S. Secret Service and the United States Dept of State.